Glover School PTO 

9 Maple Street Marblehead MA 01945 


My name is Ali Drayer and I am your Magic Hat Thrift Shop representative. For those who are new to the Marblehead Public School (MPS) community, the Magic Hat is a registered not-for-profit organization helping our community recycle and reuse while providing financial support for MPS. The profits are allocated to MPS PTOs to support programs and events that enhance the education of our Kindergarten through Grade 12 children.

Our school communities make the Magic Hat successful by doing our "fair share" of the work involved in the operation of the shop. Our Glover community is responsible for fulfilling a minimum of 140 hours during each of two six-month allocation periods (October 1-March 31 and April 1-September 30).

This is where I come goal is to get each and every one of you to donate your "fair share" and volunteer to staff the shop during our six coverage weeks for this school year. Your valuable time and support will allow Glover's Enrichment Committee to continue providing the amazing programs they bring to our children.


Glover Magic Hat Coverage 2018-2019

Sept 11-15​

Oct 23-27​

Dec 4-8​

Jan 22-26​

Mar 12-16​

Apr 30-May 4​

June 11-15​